What is Inbranded?

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What is Inbranded?

Inbranded is a platform that provides brand building and user engagement tools. From acquiring new leads through unique campaigns, Inbranded provides you with the tools to make the most of every lead, converting them from just an impression to active and engaged users.

This can be achieved in three ways;

  • Audience: You can build your audience, track their engagement and use their insights to make strategic decisions.
  • Campaign: Create innovative campaigns to build awareness, leads, or other strategic brand goals. example; image campaign for speakers and attendees badges or email for communicating with your audience
  • Automation: Automate a series of actions based on events or trends. Example; you can generate a personalized badge whenever a new audience is added and deliver to their email.

How do I get started with Inbranded? 

Getting started publishing your first campaign in Inbranded is very easy, this can be done in the simple steps below

  • Create an account (this would link to the doc on creating an account).
  • Create a design (this would link to the doc on designing on Inbranded).
  • Publish as a campaign (this would link to publishing a design as a campaign).
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