Social Movements as Radical Expressions- Digital Strategy

Over the years, people have had common interests in politics, economy, culture, education, and so on and they have organized and sustained campaigns in support of a course in line with their interests.

Take Brazil’s Tenentismo in the 1920s, China’s Cultural revolution 1966-76, England’s Luddite movement 1811-1816, India’s Salt March in 1930, Kenya’s Mau Mau 1950s-60s, America’s Black nationalism of 1960s, America’s civil right movement from 1950s till date, Nigeria’s End SARS protest, etc. for examples, they were campaigns driven by people with common interest and course.

Digitalization of Social Movements

The struggle for gender equality, good standard of living, good leadership, good infrastructure, etc. are some of the drives for social movements. In modern times, not everyone can hit the street in protest. However, the digitalization of various aspects of life makes it possible for millions of people to engage in a movement via social platforms. 

Today, every movement is shaped by technology- designs, information distribution, mobilization of support, and so on, via television, radio, telegraph, press, and the new media- the internet. 

Communication is fundamental to power and social change; this is enhanced by the digital media which advance a new repertoire at the disposal of activists.

“Social media provide a participatory media environment… This feature makes social media an effective tool for mobilizing people to participate in social movements.”- (Hyesun Hwang, Kee-Ok Kim, 2015)

In line with the participatory media environment, brands and organizations run campaigns to bring about social change for various political, social, and environmental issues. This article explores some ideas that you can create your campaigns on.

Campaign Ideas on Social Movements

1. Mental Health 

You can run a campaign on the behavioural and emotional well-being of people in the society- depression, suicide, stress, disorders, etc. as they affect daily living, relationships, and physical health.`


2. Gender Issues and Events

Gender equality, feminism, women in power, fatherhood, motherhood, patriarchy, marriage, citizenship, custody rights, gender violence, etc. are some of 

The template below was created during International Women’s Day, June 8.


3. Global Events

There are events for global reach such as World Human Rights Day, Christmas, Valentine, New Year, etc. You can create a campaign around them. InBranded lets you create personalized images where you get shareable links for your audience to create entries and post on their social platforms.  


4. The Dependents

The aged, the disabled and children can be categorised in this group. You can create campaigns on issues that relate to them for social support and to proffer solutions.


There are various issues of concern in society. The youths want better opportunities, people want to be treated with fairness, and so on. Create a campaign via https://inbranded.co/ today to air your view with like-minds.

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