Build more awareness and excitement for your events

Ever wondered why events are such great brand awareness tools? People cherish experiences especially those laced with fun and uniqueness- this leaves them longing for more of what you have to offer. So, why not make the most of it if you have to do it at all? Why not create name badges to spice things up? Why not create a campaign to whet the appetite of attendees before the icing on the cake- the actual event?

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Whether workshops, seminars, charity events, shows, sports events, food and drinks, etc. the goal is to build buzz and excitement so that attendees are happy to come. There are many factors to consider when creating an event for maximum exposure and excitement such as creating engaging digital content, publicizing them on social channels, etc.; meanwhile, our focus is on campaign creation and badge generation as a tool for maximum exposure and excitement.

No matter the size of your event, little details are often the distinguishing factors for standing out. Let’s examine some ideas for massive visibility and excitement.

Great Idea for creating brand awareness and excitement for events

Create Name Badges!

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To add a nice touch to your event and make your brand stick in the minds of people, you should create name badges. Not only does it add glamour, but it is also a key tool for networking and professionalism. People can easily differentiate themselves, resource people, host, as well as feel very important.

More so, creating them a few days before the event helps the smooth run of the event as the energy can be directed towards the core of the event. You can create glamourous name badges with the available templates on our website or choose to design from the scratch with our design tools.

Why Create Name Badges?

1. They Articulate Your Brand

Designing name badges means determining your colour scheme, tone of voice, values, which are elements of a brand. At Inbranded, the design-builder enables you to add all desired elements. 

2. You Identify and Reach Your Target Audience

If your event is industry-specific, those who will attend are like-minds. Those who are interested in your values and they are the ones who will show interest in attending your events. These people, when they create their name badges or entries (if you create campaigns for your event), data can be used as a prototype for your target audience.  

3. Break the Ice 

If people can make acquaintances easily at your event then it will give the attendees better experiences. Having name badges removes the feeling of strangers all around and fosters quick networking.

4. Makes Your Event Professional 

Organization is key to any event and one of the ways to keep things organized is by creating name badges. It provides a touch of professionalism. The size of your event doesn’t matter, it’s the little details that make a big difference.

How to Generate Name badges on InBranded

If you are new to Inbranded, the first thing to do is to sign up and this will take a few minutes. After creating an account, you automatically get a dashboard that contains features like the audience (where you can view your audience engagement), tracking (where you can track user behaviour), etc. 

In your dashboard are different options such as create, audience, designs, campaigns, settings, etc. You should click on create.

Once you click on create, you get two options- design and campaign. Click on a design and you will get two options- “from templates” (if you want to use any of the existing templates) “from scratch” (if you want to self create). 

Note that, when using the design-builder Regular elements are rendered in the design-builder but the input elements are placeholders that get converted to form input when rendering. 

What are you waiting for? Launch a New Awareness Campaign for that event, today! https://inbranded.co/features/campaign

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