Crowdsource can Complement your Marketing Effort

Credibility is a selling point for any business! Mutual interest and agreement between customers and brands is a tool for competitive advantage. Not leaving out the creation of original and compelling content by brands- is paramount to your marketing success. 

Sometimes, maintaining the aforementioned brand values can be tasking. Hence, the need for external human resources.

Your audience and your brand, we all need feedback!

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When your brand values resonate with your audience, it means there is a mutual interest, hence, they find you credible and become loyal to your brand. This births positive remarks from their business relationship with you. However, we cannot satisfy every customer because of the differences in “taste”. This means while there will be negative remarks as well. Meanwhile, all of this feedback can work to your advantage. But positive feedbacks are reminders that your brand is serving the customers rightly. 

Come with me!

Getting your customers involved in your marketing processes is great for connecting with them, your product/service improvement, product/service development, promoting brand identity and adding tremendous value to your content.

What is Crowdsourcing?

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According to DailyCrowdSource.com, “Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work or funding, usually online, from a crowd of people. The word is a combination of the words ‘crowd’ and ‘outsourcing’. The idea is to take work and outsource it to a crowd of workers.”

Oftentimes, brands employ talents for research, designs, promotion, to help solve a particular problem or to contribute their expertise towards achieving a business goal. 

How Crowdsourcing Improves Your Marketing.

1. It Speeds up Content Creation

If you are into blogging or other forms of content marketing, the sole creation of articles can be overwhelming especially if you have a lot on your plate. Therefore, you can employ several workers to create a scheduled number of articles to meet your marketing demand. You can also get ideas from customers through feedback to add to your ideas.

2. It gets Prospects and Customers Involved

As a user-centric marketing firm, InBranded has always emphasized the importance of involving your users/customers in your marketing processes. 

For instance, if you are a product-based brand, you can invite customers to test your product, upload their pictures on your website to show off the product. They also will tell their stories of how they are featured on your website and draw traffic. 

Involving your target audience enables them to give their opinion on how to be served better. Not only is their feedback good for analytics, but it also attracts prospects (those who feel the same way). 

Engaging them in your content marketing makes them loyal to your brand.  

3. Product/Service Improvement

Crowdsourcing is also beneficial to increase your brand visibility and create awareness for your customers and prospects to know that you’re developing a new product/service. This informs excitement about the new product and increases demand.

According to Will Chang, director of Product, Fundly, a crowdfunding-for-all platform. “Listening to your customers will help you learn about their frustrations and what parts of your product don’t work as intended. It also shows your customers you care about them and want them involved in the process.”

Using Digital Campaigns for Crowdsource

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Companies constantly seek out innovative ways to get their valued customers involved in production and promotion processes. Crowdsourcing is one of such ways and it is especially effective as it brings people together online, so there are no geographical constraints. 

Since crowdsourcing generally occurs through social media, businesses can gain insight into what consumers’ pain points, interests, and talents lie. Hence, digital campaigns should be created (InBranded has a free version- https://inbranded.co/), exported and used on different social channels for massive engagement. All you need to do is create content on whatever the theme of your crowdsource is. 

To a great connection, your audience creates their entries and you repost those you can on your social channels and website.

This is an easy marketing effort that drives customer engagement. Go for gold!

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