Appeal to Kids and Attract their Parents’ Pocket

In the general decision making in a given society, children have never been left out because they are regarded as the future of such a society. The business world isn’t left out either as there are brands whose focus is on the children. This is why we have put up something to enlighten small businesses on making the most of this children’s day celebration.

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If you are conscientious with kids branding, you will know that it is a diverse area in business. Hence, there is a need to make more effort to embrace the kids’ pain point and make your brands more accessible to them and families at large.

How Businesses can Appeal to Kids

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1. Consider the Ages of the Kids you Target

Many brands cater for kids’ needs leaving you with a whole lot of them to compete with to get the attention of parents. There is a need for you to consider the ages of your target market to help in your marketing strategy.

According to Amber Keefer, “Children – even those 8 to 10 – recall more details and can remember what they see in an ad for a longer period.” Using Keefer’s opinion as a yardstick, you will realise that there is a need to create content that appeals to their age so that they can easily commit themselves to their memory and understand what you have to offer to them. Hence, they make their request known to their parents and you earn yourself patronages.

2.  Understand the Kids Needs

Having chosen the age range for your niche, the next thing is to understand their needs. Generally, kids are attracted to entertainment and fun. Therefore, whatever you are marketing to them- toys, movies, books, clothes, do so in an entertaining manner.

Use their favourite cartoon characters in their toys, clothes. Use Ads that show kids interacting with one another as that will also appeal to them.

There are a lot of ideas you can use. Whatever it is, be creative and entertaining.

3.   Market in Places where Kids Go

For offline marketing, toy stores, bicycle stores, bookshops, recreation centres, schools, are places kids visit. Distribute your posters in such areas so that the kids can see them.

For digital marketing, YouTube and other social media channels are where the kids visit. Create ads with catchy tunes, slogans, cartoon characters, etc.   

4.   Advertise how child-friendly your business is on your Website

Your website should reflect your values as anyone can stumble on it at any time. Therefore, you should advertise how friendly your business is on your website. This will drive the relevant traffic to your site.

5.   Create Digital Campaign for kids

Digital campaigns are effective for brand recognition. Create campaigns around kids contests, holidays, festive period, kids’ events, etc. Get started with your campaign today via our website. 

 Charles R. Swindoll said, “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” 

Dear kids’ brand owners, you are in charge of the opinion you form in the mind of your target audience. Get your kids! Create a campaign for them today via https://inbranded.co/

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