Turn your Radical Ideas into Campaigns for User Engagement

The number of brands we are exposed to daily online is in their thousands. To this end, we are constantly consuming content. The irony of it all is that how easily we come in contact with these brands is unfortunately how easily we forget about them. However, some leave a remarkable print in our hearts making it hard to forget them.

There is a remedy for all business problems!

Your brand can be different from the thousands that go unnoticed with this- user engagement.

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You can make a difference with your content. 

Let’s examine some radical ideas for your campaign to engage your users.

1. Invite customers to trial new products/services

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Requesting your trusted customers to give you feedback on a new offer before launch gives birth to a sense of ownership of the product/service in them. This is one way to earn word-of-mouth referrals as well as subsequent sales from testers because they will feel like a part of your team,

Turning this idea into a campaign is a great way to engage not just your trusted customers but everyone who comes across it. 

2. Reward Programme

People love gifts and reward not necessarily because of what’s given but because it’s proof that the giver cares.

If you are asked about your business goals, I am pretty sure they will span across an increase in your brand value, customers’  trust, a stronger connection between your brand and audience, an increase in your business profits, a competitive edge, effective communication, etc. One of the strategies to achieve the aforementioned is to organise reward programmes.

The benefit of rewarding your loyal customers cannot be overemphasized. This can be in the form of discounts, loyalty cards, giveaways, contests and so on.

Creating a campaign around your rewards can make your customers feel like they’re playing a game rather than just making purchases, hence, you engage them.

3. Win-back Email Campaign 

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When a customer signs up for your service or purchases your product, a great way to re-create engagement with such is to send a welcome email to express your happiness to have them. 

This can include information about your rewards programmes and how to earn the rewards.

Beyond new customers you can seldomly send email campaigns to existing customers to create the impression they are always on your mind, providing a more interactive and engaging customer experience.

4. Encourage Customer Testimonials

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Testimonials are valuable social proof! A proof that your brand can be trusted. One that your customers rave about. 

Thus, creating a campaign on customers testimonials is a reflection that their opinions matter and they will be willing to engage.

User/customer engagement occurs whether you consciously act on it or not. However, the result of the deliberate attempt is greater than the natural one. This prevents you from falling behind your competitors. 

Therefore, rather than doing just anything, commit yourself to do the right thing each day, no matter what. 

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