We Need to Talk About Digital Campaign. It is a Game Changer

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Where do you start if you want to step up your marketing game amidst the massive competition?

How do you increase your reach and the visibility of your business in the dynamic digital world?

It’s no news that in this present society if you don’t exist in the virtual/digital world, it’s like you don’t exist at all. 

There is an unavoidable dynamic shift. Let’s have a quick one on digital campaigns!

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Digital campaigns which are marketing through the internet have impacted the way people market their business both in operation and customer relation. Yes, you read that. 

The attention of the public has shifted from the traditional media to the digital for a lot of reasons but I like to think that the major one is accessibility- to anyone, at any time and anywhere. It is therefore germane that marketers move to where people are- digital marketing.

The benefits of this shift are that you can find customers that you probably wouldn’t have found via traditional media, it enables you to personalise your brand and control your messages. More so, it is easy to identify the right channel(s) for your business, the one that establishes your presence.

Digital Campaign the Game Changer!

Let’s examine 3 benefits that digital campaigns offer as they affect the face of your marketing.

1. Almost Cashless 

People pay a huge sum of money to run their adverts on the radio, television, newspaper and a host of traditional media but running a digital campaign is almost cashless particularly if you are creating it yourself. This is especially so when you create your campaign at InBranded (all you need is an internet connection).

This is not to underplay the paid advertising options. If you opt for them, you will have to pay but that too very minimal if you conduct it wisely. People run Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. at very low cost with great results.

2. Adaptation into International Marketing 

The internet is a global phenomenon. Unlike traditional media, it enables worldwide visibility, regardless of the country, continent or region where you are marketing from. 

Global branding is easier to accomplish in recent times because of the digital media.

Think of some global brands today and how you got to know about them- McDonald’s, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, Samsung and Apple, and so on. The major tool of awareness if you have to answer is the internet.

3. Track Results

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This is one of my favourites. The fact that you run a campaign and in the comfort of your home, you can analyse your audience behaviours. The more you know about your consumer behaviour, website visits and the readership of your content, the better you can position yourself for the future. Through data analysis, you can identify those who interact with your content and when (InBranded has this feature on their campaign services). 

I’ve got some advice for you- run a user-centric campaign.

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Is your marketing for your customers or about your customers? 

If you want to win in the market, you need to have a connection with your existing and new customers and this can majorly be achieved when your marketing is rather about them than for them, that is, you are not all up about selling but about proffering solutions to their problems. Hence, your campaign should meet your audience’s disparate pain points and preferences- offer them great experiences over use. More so, having your campaign centred on your audience earns you retention.

At InBranded, you can create image campaigns across different categories- tech, music, film, and whatever your industry is about and your audience can create entries and post across various channels. What better way to market your brand than to use your audience? Get started via https://inbranded.co/

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