Woo Prospects into Customers- A User-Centric Approach

It could take days, weeks, months or years to convert a prospect. Sometimes, these prospects are not ready to become customers. However, one thing is certain, as humans, we tend to desire a comfort zone. This is the case with prospects. They can be wooed if your brand seems like a comfort zone to them. Hence, conversion takes place.

Let’s examine how to woo our audience irrespective of market inhibitions!

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This article will answer how you can woo your prospects to become customers.

1. Rely on Customer Data

Customer data (behaviour, demography and personal information) gives companies insight into their customers. It allows you to meet their expectations because you have the knowledge of the product/service they are interested in and how they want it. More so, you will develop new products/services based on their needs, hence, you have a ready market.

2. Be in Service

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In today’s massive competition and media mix, the customers dictate reach, means of purchase and frequency. They engage with relevant brands and stay loyal to them. Therefore, to stay in their good books and attract prospects, you must stay in service to them. Putting in mind that their engagement with you determines your business success. 

How can you serve them?

By using your customer data, strengthen your customer service skills by providing swift customer support; ensure you give them way(s) to provide feedback; equip them with the knowledge of your product/service; reward your loyal customers; provide a trial period for new customers; provide solutions to common problems. People are watching, if you must woo them to become your customers, you must have a working structure.

3. Speed up your Page

The page load time is a determinant of a user experience. People stumble on websites while searching for needed information or visit a site deliberately, whatever the reason for visiting yours is, do you think your page can win their hearts? Will the on-page experience(s) be worth it or not? Will a visitor click away when they visit your site or stay?

Some pages take time to load information and this could discourage prospects especially since they have other options, with the competition out there. Hence, you should optimize your pages, especially where your main marketing message is.

To crown it all, a speedy page improves user experience, better overall marketing performance, and enhances Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) positioning. Most of all, you need to do enough to make the user experience enjoyable.

4. Be original

If you want to sustain your business and remain relevant, you have to be original. 

Being original here does not necessarily mean inventing a new idea and bringing the next big thing to the market. It is sticking to your brand offers- your differentiator. Your differentiator is whatever differentiates you from your competitors. Proffering the solutions you are marketing. Doing what you say you can and more- less is not permitted if you intend to convert prospects to customers.

Stand out in the market!

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5. Use Consumer-centric Marketing Approach

If you want an increase in customer lifetime value, align with the users’ values!

Customer-centric marketing is an approach structured around customer needs and interests. It is putting your customers over any other factor, in your campaign, email, social media or any medium of marketing you choose. This is usually done with the combination of intuition and customer behaviour. 

Customer-centric marketing builds and nurtures relationships with potential and existing customers.

In all your efforts, don’t forget to use the right medium for your marketing. Use your customer data to reach out to your customers personally and generally.

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