Creative Ways to Increase Sales Online- Productivity Hacks

If you are seeking to increase sales, you are on the right page. 

Whether you run a micro enterprise, small enterprise, medium-sized enterprise or large enterprise, increasing sales of product/service is your primary goal. This isn’t as easy as it seems with the competition out there.

In this article, I’ll show you 7 creative ways to increase your online sales.

Let’s get started!

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1. Create and Target Detailed Buyer Personas

Buyer personas give marketers deeper understanding of customers and their buying behaviours. When you create and use it, you can strategically delight your customers and increase your sales.

Targeting your buyer personas enables you to be proactive in meeting customers’ needs and this enhances their loyalty and increases your sales. Want insight into creating buyer personas and the benefits? See- https://inbranded.co/resources/2020/09/15/targeting-buyer-personas-to-create-brand-loyalty/

2. Impress New Customers with an Amazing Follow-Up Email

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If your customer experience ends after a customer makes payment for a product/service, you are making a huge mistake. One of the strategies for customer retention is to follow up on customers. To increase your sales volume, ensure you have useful follow-up procedures in place for new customers and loyal customers. This will make them connect to your brand.

3. Make your Contact Accessible

If you want to earn credibility from your website visitors and  increase your accessibility, then, you must have your contact information on your website. More so,  it helps you to offer a better service to your customers because they  often have queries about a service/product that you offer. Hence, displaying the contact details will give them better user experience. Most importantly, for more sales, include different contact information such as phone number, full mailing address, and email address, for them to have different options to choose from.

4. Use an Inspiring Plan Name to Encourage Upgrades

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When a brand makes an upgrade in product/service, there are often changes in pricing plans. Customers are in the position to decide which of the pricing plans to choose, and a lot influence their decisions, one of which is the details you provide to get clues.

One creative way is to provide inspiring names for your most expensive plans, so as to increase the conversion rates for those plans.

InBranded provides a great example of this. It offers three plans: a free plan, a low-cost plan, and a premium plan. 

5. Publish your Testimonials

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You may have asked at some point- Why are testimonials good for business? They simply establish your credibility and reliability. No one wants to spend on something they don’t trust. It also presents to prospects the variety of people you have attended to and can portray your brand as a diverse one. Thereby exciting their interest in your firm. Testimonials are impactful to businesses!

6. Make it Urgent

There is often the class of prospects or customers who like to patronize at the dying minute. To this end, you need to create a sense of urgency by providing a deadline for a promotion, launch, or sale or your product, to drive faster action. 

7. Improve your Design

Get creative! Appeal to your customers’ senses! Smatch the box and create something stunning when introducing a new product/service, an upgrade or just promoting your product. Here is what Neil Patel has to say, “You should constantly make gradual changes to your website design to improve conversions.” You should Improve your colours and general outlook like Google does often.

While it doesn’t always seem easy you can make it easy for your  business by following religiously these productivity hacks. Get creative!

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