Marketing Tactics to Try Out- Brand Promotion

For the growth of your business and the promotion of your product/service, there are strategic actions you take as a business owner to drive your desired goals. This is referred to as marketing tactics.  

According to Darren Matthews, “Tactics are the actions that are assembled to achieve a stated long-term aim.”

Irrespective of your financial resources as a firm, good tactics will help in the promotion of its products or services.

Let’s examine 10 efficient tactics below in no special order.

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1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a paid marketing tactic that displays digital advertising where you pay only when someone clicks on your content. This can be in the form of Google AdWords, Bing ad, Retargeting display ad, etc. This is cost effective for a brand as only performance will determine the amount of money you will pay.

According to Connor Lahey, “Almost immediately after your PPC campaign goes live, you’ll start to see traffic, clicks, and conversions.” This statement is evident of the efficiency of Pay Per Click.

2. Sponsorship

This is a paid marketing tactic in which you provide money in exchange for your brand representation in an event, such as a movie premier, podcast, webinar, etc. It is especially important for the awareness it creates for the audience you probably didn’t have.

Gaetano Dinardi in an article on the benefits of sponsorship itemised 15 benefits. Some of which are Return on Investment, audience insights, lead generation, social media traffic, brand building, highlighting a product or service offering, etc. 

3. Endorsement 

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This tactic is quite similar to sponsorship. Here, someone of fame publically provides a positive review of your brand, product, or service through Ads, email, web page, etc. it creates brand trigger especially from the fans of the endorser, thus opening a new market. It gives your brand credibility and boosts your brand identity.

4. Crowdsource

This is a user-centric tactic which entails gathering ideas from your customers and target audience to develop new content to attract more prospects. This can be comments from Blog posts, Podcast, Webinar, etc. 

It is effective for proffering solutions to tough problems; it provides a greater diversity of thinking; it reduces the brand management burden; provides a rich source of customer data and a host of other benefits.

5. Engagement

A growth centric brand should be intentional about driving engagement with customers. It is the strategic connection to customers or target audience to foster and build relationships for brand loyalty. This can be through social channels, blog post comments, surveys, and so on.

6. Personalization

This is similar to engagement because it drives engagement. This involves including the individual names of the people you are communicating with in your audience list. Content can vary from email newsletter to website and popups. InBranded does this in her newsletter. Sign up here- https://inbranded.co/

7. Marketing Automation

This deals with strategically sending content to the target audience based on their activities.

I will sight InBranded as an example for better understanding of automation. When you sign up for InBranded services, you can automate a series of actions based on events or trends, such as- generate personalized badges whenever you update your audience list and deliver to the email of a new audience. Strategically (and automatically) sending content to customers + target audience based on their activity and interests.

8. Gamification

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This is another tactic to drive audience engagement and gain their loyalty. It deals with applying game playing techniques into your content. This can be a quiz, a challenge, etc. This usually goes with giveaways for the winners.

9. Tool

This consists of interactive content that helps your users or target audience to solve a problem. This can be in the form of analyzer/optimizer, calculator, tester, etc. At InBranded, there are tools that allow the smooth creation of campaigns, exportation of campaigns to social channels, audience track, etc.

10. Campaign

This can never go wrong for any business type or size. It is important to drive engagement and create massive awareness for prospects if properly done. Get started on a brand campaign via https://inbranded.co/

Marketing tactics are not limited to the ones explained above, there are more. Such as, Guerrilla, Email, blogging, social media, CRO, guesting, contest, SEO, content repurpose, research, etc.

Dear business owners, marketing tactics are most likely to influence your business goals, choose the one you deem fit to your brand.

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