Spice up your Easter- Campaign for Interactivity

Easter is a great time to connect with family, friends, and loved ones. For a brand, it is a time to connect with customers and prospects.

Have you planned your campaigns for Easter yet or you don’t see a reason for any? 

Importance of Digital Campaign

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The importance of digital campaigns cannot be overemphasized most especially for their ability to widen and establish your business online presence. 

Beyond the establishment of an online presence, you can easily track your audience behaviour on your campaigns unlike in the traditional methods of marketing- television, radio, newspapers, etc. Who wants to make efforts without results? You want to know how productive the campaign is and this informs new strategies to drive better results. 

Here is the part I love the most- automation. The management of your campaign can be automated which makes it easier to track performance as stated above. The settings can be done around a time frame, the established requirements to create an entry especially for image campaigns. For instance, at InBranded, for campaigns, we configure actions when certain triggers occur. For instance, when a new audience is added to your campaign, you will generate a personalized badge and deliver to their emails with a personalized message. Explore via this link- https://inbranded.co/

Think cost-effectiveness, think image campaigns! Creating digital campaigns is cheap about airtime in the broadcast media or page in the print media. More so, you can easily publish it on different social platforms. 

This Easter, get productive!

This season, you need to get creative and make the most use of your digital channels for your Easter campaigns. Here are 5 amazing ideas to get you started.

Enticing Campaign Ideas

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1. Organize Instant Wins

Instant wins are very effective for audience engagement, data collection, and newsletter sign-ups. Who doesn’t like gifts anyway? As a business owner, you can create a campaign around instant wins to have these benefits, and what better time than a festive period?

2. Engage them in a Game

Another way to create interactivity with your audience is through a game. It could be a puzzle, recreating a design, egg hunt, etc.

3. Inspire your Users

Do you own a food business, inspire your audience with dinner recipes. Are you into shoes? Inspire them on what they put on for their Easter dates. Are you into tourism, give your audience ideas on Easter family getaway, etc? Whatever your brand offers, use this season to give your audience useful content.

4. Promote your new Product or Service

This season, your audience is more relaxed. The hustle and bustle of work are reduced due to the public holiday. Hence, your audience is more attentive. It is therefore a good season to create a campaign on a new product or service.

5. Pimp your website

It’s Easter, after all, your audience should visit your website and feel the aura of the season. Incorporate video content, it has a way of making visitors glued to a site; write Easter-themed articles in your blog. Do all you can to create an appealing “environment” for your site visitors this season.

What are you waiting for when you have all the tools you need at your disposal? Click on this link to get started- https://inbranded.co/

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