5 Interesting Easter Marketing Ideas for Massive Sales

Easter is here! So if you’re thinking of last-minute marketing strategies for this period, I’ve got you covered. 

It is a period to promote your product/service, engage your audience digitally, and also collate necessary data. How do you do these? That’s the focus of this article.

Worthy of note is the fact that Easter like every other festive season provides the opportunity to reach your target audience because of the rest the holiday provides. Hence, they are in the position to listen to your brand message.

However, this season can also be delicate for business owners because there is fierce competition too. This makes it necessary to create interesting marketing ideas for a competitive edge. This article is designed for this purpose. 

Below are 5 interesting ideas to help you navigate to the top this season.

1. Engage User-generated Content

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User-generated content is popularly referred to as UGC and it refers to brand content created by unpaid contributors- your customers, social media fans, etc. In other words, your brand isn’t creating these messages. 

This can be gotten from reviews of your product/service, comments, images, social media posts, etc. Eileen Brown in an article titled- “Consumers trust user-generated content more than traditional advertising” records that “According to the Nielsen Consumer Trust Index, 92% percent customers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising”. 

Therefore, gather your users’ opinions and use them constructively this Easter to appeal to their emotions. Also, asked followers to share images, videos, use your hashtags, write testimonials, participate in contests, etc. and then share that among friends. 

2. Offer Discounts

As an individual, if you intend to buy a product or get a service and you see a brand that is ready to offer the quality you desire at a discounted rate, you become interested and think of how much you will be able to save from your initial price. This is the same with almost everyone. 

For any brand, offering discounts on products/services is a way to draw the attention of potential customers. Create awareness on how to get discount coupons and get customers and prospects to patronize your brand. 

3. Run a Contest

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If you want to inspire actions from your prospects and customers, run a contest. Social media channels are effective for running a contest because it allows brands to connect with customers and the public and vice versa. 

This contest can range from “best caption”, “best selfie”, “best design”, or whatever resonates with your brand. This will both draw attention to your brand as well as help increase conversion when your brand appeals to prospects.

4. Spice up your Website

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Have you ever noticed how Google tweaks its logo to suit seasons and global events? This concept can work for your website as well. During this Easter, add an extra flair to your website that can put your customers in a shopping mood. Something as simple as adding some Easter-themed photos or a header image can inspire your customers to buy your product/service.

5. Send an Easter-themed Newsletter

Email campaigns give creative opportunities. Therefore, while it might be laced with publicizing your product/service, craft your newsletter to wish them a beautiful celebration. This has a way of appealing to their emotions. 

Go get more sales with these ideas and have a beautiful Easter celebration!

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