5 Proven Strategies to Improve Blog Traffic

The efficiency of blogging can be seen in how it allows you to share information about your business and its services, share opinions and thoughts on certain topics and generate links and sales among other benefits. 

if no one visits your blog, you won’t be able to generate links, sales, and overall- traffic. This is why you should be deliberate in your attempts as a blogger.

This article is designed to educate you on five strategies to improve your blog traffic

1. Meet Specific Need

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Meeting a need is synonymous with creating a niche, are you a food blogger, digital marketing blogger, fashion blogger, etc., whatever your subject matter is, your articles must meet the needs of your target audience. It becomes germane to identify who your audience is and what interests them.

To understand your audience’s needs, you should generate ideas from useful comments and reviews. You can also use Google Analytics to see which websites in your industry are driving the most referral traffic. All of these are important because your audience interest should be your focal point and they can only be loyal to you if your articles resonate with them.

2. Use Enticing Headlines

This is the first thing your readers see and it can either draw their attention to read what the article entails or discourage them from reading.  As a blogger, you need to ensure that you are creating attention-grabbing headlines while maintaining. In other words, the headlines must capture your blog’s visitors’ interest.

Do you know what they say about appearances? Appearances are everything! Hence, you don’t want visitors turned off from your blog because of lackluster headlines. You should create curiosity-driven headlines. 

3. Create Evergreen Content

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“Content is king” isn’t unfamiliar to you if you are in the business of blogging. When you choose your niche, it is important to create the kind of content that can live forever on your website, those that won’t lose their relevance. For example, a post about last year’s Christmas sales is useless this year but one on the marketing strategy for Christmas is evergreen because there will always be Christmas. The former is limiting based on the structure.

4. Create Newsletter to Prompt Target Readers

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You might want to ask what the connection between blog and newsletter is. There are a lot of blog articles online which means one has to devise a strategy for a comeback. In the words of Darren Rowse- “The majority of your blogs readers never come back”.  This is one major reason you need to follow up on your readers and the newsletter is very effective for this. 

As a result, you should build a list of subscribers who get a bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly purpose-written newsletter, to inform them of the newly published articles. While trying not to spam them irrespective.

Some of the advantages of a newsletter to your blog are- it helps to track and target the right audience, it builds relationships, trust, and engagement between you and your readers, helps with monetization and most importantly, it drives traffic.

5. Use the Right Keywords 

The right keywords, whether a word or phrase, act as a conduit to connect your target audience with your website.

Use keywords to conceptualize your post. If you sincerely want to drive massive traffic to your blog, keywords and SEO have to be a part of your strategy. (Read more on SEO via http://bit.ly/3cebtbO )

Follow these five strategies and see massive traffic troupe into your blog in no time!

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