Conversion Rate Optimization and Digital Campaign

The digital world has made it easy for every business to thrive if the right approach is taken. However, this doesn’t come without its disadvantage- the fierce competition. Any business can become noticed on the internet and this has made the competition very fierce.

As a result, brands think of actions to give them a competitive advantage. One of these is conversion rate optimization.

Defining the Term

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Conversion rate optimization is the deliberate systematic effort to increase productive actions by a target audience towards a business or brand. These productive actions can be filling forms, clicking on a website button, becoming customers, etc.

It is the actions taken by a business to increase the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action.

Your site does not reach its ultimate potential if you do not experiment and work on it, CRO helps you experiment, optimize your website’s functionality, and understand the visitors’ behaviour. 

Elements of Conversion Rate Optimization

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1. Landing Page Design

The landing page is an independent web page, created precisely for a digital marketing or advertising campaign. It is the page a web visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from the web and social channels, designed with the goal of a call-to-action for visitors.

As an independent page and the first page a visitor lands, it determines the usability and success of a website. Hence, the more beautifully designed it is, the more the attraction. The aesthetic is not enough, it must be backed with clarity, every content on this page must be visible and appealing.

2. Website Copy

Words are powerful. They have a way of hooking your website visitors when they are constructed with that purpose. However aesthetically designed your landing page is, it is your website copy that will grab the attention of visitors. It must be engaging and persuasive. Hence, you should focus on your headline and body content.

  1. Headline 

This is the first message your visitor sees, hence it must be appealing. it gives insight into and defines your brand offer.  You should therefore focus on the font, format, style, and number.

  1. Body Content

Having well-written content is essential. This should answer the questions that your target audience might have, it should educate them on your industry, it must be clear, straight to the point, make it readable and enjoyable. 

Note that a careful structure is also important- font, style, number of words, tone, keywords, etc. This also determines readability. Once you can grab your readers’ attention, the conversion is right at your doorstep.

3. Call-To-Action

It is a marketing term used to prompt the audience to take the desired action. This action could be anything from filling a form, registering for a webinar, subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, etc. The stronger a CTA, the more leads it can generate.

It is often a word, phrase, or simple sentence that drives your audience to take action. You need to carefully structure your call to action to drive sales.

4. Navigation and Structure

What is your users’ experience when they visit your site? How many clicks do they need to get their desired response? Your site’s structure needs to focus on building an experience that’s easy to navigate. Site structure, every interface must interact with one other for productivity. A  great experience on your site will lead to conversion.

The above elements are germane to conversion rate optimization but are not limited to them. Let’s discuss an interesting hack for conversion quickly.

Digital Campaign as a tool for Conversion

Digital image campaigns with their simplicity are one of the most effective ways of conversion. All of the elements discussed above can be incorporated.

In the recently celebrated International Women’s Day, 2021, themed- “Choose to Challenge”, InBranded created a campaign to commemorate that day, see more via https://inbranded.co/c/iwd2021 from the landing page to the beautifully and easily understandable image campaign, backed up with the call to action, “join the rest of the world…”, “create your entry”, in a few hours, over a thousand entries were created. Now, imagine if this was done for a brand and had to be run for a couple of weeks, months, or even a year, what will the action be? Will it lead to conversion or not? 

The importance of a digital brand campaign is understated. This is why Coca-Cola will continue to be a leading global brand because of its constant marketing strategy. This is evident in a report by Matthew Valentine on Marketingnews.com, “Coca-Cola has unveiled a new look for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, marking a departure from the unified packaging strategy launched in 2018.” 

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In a nutshell, creating a digital brand campaign is one of the most effective ways to optimize conversion. Get started on your brand campaign today at inbranded.co 

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