Accessibility of Digital Marketing

With over 4 billion internet users and the incorporation of digital platforms in marketing plans and everyday life, digital marketing has been functional to businesses in the fierce competition. It is one easy way marketers can reach out to customers massively.

The term digital marketing was coined in the 1990s and its development is inseparable from the development of technology. In this vein, it has become sophisticated in recent times.

As marketers, you are concerned about the experience of your audience when they visit your companies’ digital platforms. Their experience forms their opinion of your brand and their opinion informs their choice.

This article is designed around the intentional creation of audience experience in the digital space.

What is Accessibility of Digital Marketing?

This is the practice of making your website and other digital marketing platforms usable by your audience. While some perceive this to be the usability of your digital marketing by disabled audience, accessibility of digital marketing is an umbrella term for the ability of anyone who comes across your digital content to understand and find it workable to their advantage.

Why is the Accessibility of Digital Marketing Important?

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1. It is the Right thing to do

Marketing is aimed at your audience, hence, making sure that the audience can access it is fundamental. This will enable a wider reach. More importantly, creating accessible marketing will ensure that there are no barriers that customers and prospects will encounter while experiencing your digital content. Most importantly, accessible marketing earns you customers’ trust and loyalty.

2. It is Mandatory

There are laid down rules and standards that guide marketers in interacting with the public. As a business owner or marketer, would you rather pass a clear message to your audience or get sued for misleading someone? Your public image is important to your business.

3. Accessible to Online Search Engines

If your focus is on the clarity and accessibility of your brand content, it will become accessible to online search engines. Google will properly see your content for indexing when it contains proper markup. This will in turn boost your search rankings. Hence, give your content a hierarchical structure, clearly label the information, and use meaningful titles and headers. While they ensure users find it easy to navigate, they are the principles of Search Engine Optimization.

How to Make your Digital Marketing Accessible

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1. Properly Label and Format Forms

Many digital marketers use forms. For effectiveness, make sure your forms are intuitive and logically organized, with clearly defined instructions and labels. Ensure that users don’t find it difficult to fill a form, use prompts.

2.    Provide Text Alternatives

The human attention span is short and this can affect their experience of your digital content. To avoid this inhibition, enhance your content by using captivating videos and audio to grab their attention.

3.    Use Tables and Images

When information is illustrated with tables and images, they enhance clarity. Tables can be used for data with row and column headers that display tabular data and for page layout. They are useful for precise numerical data. Images explain the information more as well as interest the audience.

4.    Use Clear Language

Your audience spans through different locations, backgrounds, and works of life. To this end, it is advisable to use jargon-free language that can benefit all users.

Making your digital marketing accessible is very important but requires bigger efforts, however, you need not break a bank to do this. 

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