Making the most of this Christmas as a Business Owner

Both small and big businesses have faced unprecedented challenges this year majorly because of the pandemic. However, there are opportunities available to drive up sales this festive period. It is therefore incumbent to make the most of this Christmas.

Businesses look forward to this season because it is a lucrative one. This article contains 5 ways to make good use of this Christmas as a business owner.

1. Go Digital

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The pandemic confined people to their homes at the early stage of it and this made a lot of businesses go digital. As a result of this, people have moved much of the purchases online and marketers who are willing to reach them must go online to meet their target audience.

It is easier to market online. Goods can be shipped to different places. If you are a service offering company, you can still market your service online. Get into the holiday spirit, update your website, and email content to the festive-centric content. This period is a great time to connect and engage your customers and prospects.

2. Talk about Customers’ Safety

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The world is recording another wave of Covid-19, to win the hearts of your customers, you need to talk about their safety because safety is paramount to everyone this period. Hence, send messages reminding them of safety measures to be taken.

For companies with in-person interactions, it is easier to put in place protocols that ensure the safety of customers. However, every business can ensure contactless delivery to those ordering from the comfort of their homes.

3. Celebrate your Customers and Workers

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Holidays are opportunities to appreciate your customers and workers. For customers, appreciation for their patronages. For workers, for all efforts put towards work. While you could organize a get together for workers, it will be almost impossible. Hence, creating user-centric campaigns will go a long way in making your customers feel appreciated.

4. Host Online Contest

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Christmas is a period of giving. You definitely can’t reach out to all your customers with physical gifts especially if you are a global brand. Online contests can grow your business especially in terms of visibility at any time of the year but they are exceptionally useful during the festive period. This can be done through social media.

Those who followed your brand on social media, but never made a purchase are more likely to become paying customers after participating in your contest. 

5. Engage your Customers and Prospects via Email

Statistics have shown that email marketing has the best return compared to other forms of online marketing. To this effect, create Christmas centric content that your subscribers find relatable. 

Making sure that you personalize the content as this will have a great impact on consumer behavior and result in a sales increase.

By taking advantage of the Christmas period, such as offering discounts, organizing online contests, expanding online presences, and investing in holiday marketing, you can increase sales in your products/services.

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