5 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is a season where people look forward to giving, receiving, reuniting, celebrating, and engaging in a lot of joy-giving activities. In the business world, it is also a period for strategic marketing. As such, it is a period to make up for whatever challenges your business had faced in the previous months; it is the period to increase your numbers and get back on track. 

Christmas marketing campaigns are very popular. This is mainly because brands have learned to maximize this festive season to their advantage. This festive period provides brands the opportunity to make a profit through the right strategies. One of these strategies is the creation of a brand campaign. 

Find below 5 important marketing campaigns that can increase your sales.

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1. Run a Multi-Network Giveaway

The use of social media is an effective means to boost your Christmas marketing campaign sales. As earlier stated, Christmas is a season of giving. Hence, you can leverage the spirit of the season by running a giveaway on all of your social media. This will expand your brand reach and increase your brand recognition. 

InBranded is offering an opportunity to create a brand campaign on Christmas giveaway with available templates plus an opportunity to use their tools to create new templates that are exportable to all social media channels. Embracing this golden opportunity will help achieve your brand goal.

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2. Maximize Email Marketing

In 2019, DMA records that for every $1 a person spends on email marketing, such a person should expect an average return of $42. In this vein, it is wise to create a Christmas-themed email and disseminate this festive period to maximize the benefit of email marketing. This will enable you to generate leads. This festive period is the time to inform your prospects about your special discounts, new product/service launch, update on current product/service, and so on. 

More so, automated emails generate more leads as it helps you to disseminate information to your target audience

3. Campaigns on Coupons and Discount Codes

Customers love discount codes and coupons. Who doesn’t? Not only will this increase your brand awareness, but it will also increase say. Statistics show that customers with coupons tend to buy more than those without a coupon. Therefore, creating a brand campaign around this is a brilliant idea for this period. 

4. Appeal to your Audience Emotions

Your audience is humans with emotions. This can be used as a strategic tool for your brand at Christmas. Christmas is a period to express emotions and love towards loved ones. As such, your customers need to feel the love from you. Marketing campaigns should be created around them. This can be done through beautiful graphics, pictures, videos, and a host of others.

5. Be an Early Bird

Your competitors are devising marketing strategies this period just as you are. Therefore, take action and start working on your Christmas marketing ideas in advance. It is advisable to run the promotion much before the big shopping festival begins.

Act quickly, work on your special offers, email campaigns, social media campaigns. Early planning and execution are necessary to achieve the desired result. Get started on your Christmas marketing campaign right now on our website!

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