Customer-Centric Marketing: a drive for Commitment and Trust

If you get blinded by your knowledge and deep experience with your industry and just want to keep shoving the messages that spring from these to your customers in marketing your brand, there is a high tendency of being stagnant in your brand productivity. “Why is that?” This is probably the question in your mind right now and here is the answer- for any business to thrive, you must see the world from your customers’ perspective and design your marketing strategy around this for great productivity.

How does your audience feel about you? Is their opinion of your brand positive, negative, or neutral? How can your marketing strategy drive their commitment and trust? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself as a business owner. 

This article is designed to educate on what customer-centric marketing is and how it drives customers’ commitment and trust.

What is Customer-centric marketing?

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Customer-centric marketing is the type of marketing that is fashioned around customer needs and interests. It is centred on prioritizing customers over other factors in marketing, using solid data about customer behavior.

It is beneficial because it enables brands to earn customers’ loyalty, establish a deeper relationship with customers, amongst other benefits. It stirs up positive feelings towards your brand offer- product/service. Customers will trust your brand because they will believe it shares their beliefs and values.

What is Customer Trust and Commitment?

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It can simply be defined as a customer’s confidence in a brand or its product/service. It is a reciprocal behavior to what they receive from your brand. This can be earned when you understand their needs and offer service accordingly. 

Customer commitment on the other hand refers to the engagement or self-imposed obligation to patronize a brand’s product or service.

Gaining customer trust and commitment is important to make customers loyal and come back and to refer others to do business with you too.

Ways to Improve Customer-centric Marketing

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1. Website Usability

This is the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction gained by users or visitors of your website. Satisfaction is gained when your website fulfills their needs by answering their questions and providing necessary resources. This is one of the ways to improve customer-centric marketing. Your website visitors should be able to figure out what your company does at a glance.

2. Customer-centric Content 

A lot culminates to form your customers’ opinion of your brand. One of which is your content. Your content is customer-centric if it captures customers’ concerns. If your products/services hog the spotlight in your content, you will miss the opportunities to build good customer relationships and this can affect your revenue. Hence, build your content around customers’ challenges.

From your mission, your vision, your value proposition to your social media and website content, you should speak the mind of your customers.

3. Brand Campaigns

Yes! A brand campaign is a good fit to have a customer-marketing. Look at global brands today, they find a way of making customers involved in their campaigns. You can like Coca-Cola “Share your happiness” or like Starbucks- “To be human”, whatever your campaign is, let it resonate with your customer needs.

In all, each customer has his or her threshold of emotions, unique preference, and measure of satisfaction but you can create your strategy to please the bulk of your customers.

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