The Quickest Way to Deliver your Brand Message

To communicate a brand message effectively to your target audience amidst the business crowd is the quest of business owners. There is a constant need to convey your brand value proposition and express what makes it distinct from others. The brand message is something which can enable you to achieve this need. It brings together your product/service and your brand communication message and aligns them to your value proposition.

In line with the above, we can conclude that brand message is the value proposition of your brand which you disseminate to the selected audience through your brand identity. It is the message about what you do and how you do it differently from others. For instance, Nike’s “Just do it.” Is not just the tagline, it’s what Nike is all about. It communicated its values and encouraged various levels of sports through various ad films, motivational posts, and celeb athletes’ endorsement.

Your brand message encapsulates your brand promise. It is drafted considering your brand’s internal perspective (what the brand can provide), your customers’ and prospects’ perspective (what the customers/prospects want to hear), and the competitors’ promise (what the competitors are already providing). The culmination of these will help in the creation of a great brand message.

How to Create a Great Brand Message

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There is a bigger picture when it comes to a brand- brand positioning. It is advisable to focus on your desired positioning while creating your brand message.

1. Be Relevant to your Audience

Your brand has a direction and purpose, whatever they are, they must resonate with your target audience. in this vein, your brand message must align with your audience. Your brand message should link your business and your customers together. It should appeal to their needs. It should be why they are drawn to your product/service. 

Therefore, research the needs of your target market and draft your message to suit their needs. 

2. Don’t Overpromise

It is important not to complicate your relationship with your target market. Overpromising can hinder customers’ trust in your brand. It results in bad ends. Your brand message should capture what you can offer because failing to keep up with promises can destroy years of building credibility and brand personality. Therefore, be proactive and stay true to your words.

3. Incorporate your Brand Message Everywhere

Once your brand message has been carefully drafted, you should incorporate it in all your product/service offerings. More so, you should incorporate it in your communication message- website, product packaging, and marketing campaigns.

The Quickest Way to Deliver your Brand Message

Looking at the present-day swift-paced world, people want quick information without having to digest a whole lot. Recent statistics also show that the average human attention span is eight seconds. It is to this end that visualization of information has been chosen as the quickest way to deliver your brand message.

According to Noah Iliinsky, a co-author of Designing Data Visualizations, “the effectiveness of data visualization goes beyond our shrinking attention spans— it speaks to our biology”.

Three data visualization tools will be examined in this article- infographics, mobile apps, and dashboards.

1. Infographics 

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Infographics are the visual representation of information. They are full of visuals which can help to better convey your brand messages. They make your brand message visually appealing, drawing viewers’ attention, and generating potential customers for your product/service and brand in general.

In the words of Khuram Zaman, what makes infographics such an effective marketing tool is two-fold: First, by including SEO-friendly terms, they can drive new users to your website through increased search visibility. Second, because they can easily be shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, they have a tendency to go viral, which extends your brand to a wider, untapped audience.

2. Dashboards

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A Dashboard is a single command centre that provides an at-a-glance view of your company’s key performance indicators (KPI). It helps to monitor your information at a glance.

A well-designed dashboard enables you to easily analyze trends, which in turn helps to hone your marketing strategies, optimize sales, and improve customers’ engagement. It increases productivity.

3. Mobile App

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Mobile App incorporates both infographics and dashboard. It is designed to connect with the audience, through its versatile interface for a business, giving the right detail to users. This enables users to navigate through and get a high-level of your company. This is a great tool to communicate to your users what your company is all about.

Utilize these three tools and get your brand message to your target market as swiftly as possible. This will result in great productivity as well.

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