Why your Brand Needs Feedback

You are growth centric when you listen to your customers. If you never want to stray from the needs of your customers and prospects, you should never joke with feedback. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by a lot of market possibilities based on your business structure and competition. However, hearing from your customers is the best way to serve them better.

Customer feedback is the information given by clients/customers about whether they got satisfied or dissatisfied with their experience with your company.

In this blog post, we note down why customer feedback is important and the effective practices to get customer feedback.

Why is Customer Feedback Important? 

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As a map is to a sojourner, so is customer feedback to the growth of a company. It serves as a guide to a company irrespective of if it is positive and negative feedback. That is, it can be about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Customers’ voices play significant roles in competitive markets.

It is important to the managers and decision-makers in companies. Feedback helps companies to optimize products and services; it enables you to measure customer satisfaction; it gives insights for better customers experiences on your website; it helps you to improve customer retention, it enables you to understand how customers find you; it builds loyalty for your brand; it encourages you to create more useful content, and also helps to run all your customer data-driven decisions.  

Customer feedback can be sourced through surveys and questionnaires, emails and letters, phone calls, and call centre data, ratings, and reviews. 

Once you have a clear intention, that is, you have identified why you want your customers’ input in your company, the next step is to devise the method(s) 

Effective Practices of Collecting Customer Feedback

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You can always get feedback across various channels but maximizing and utilizing them for your company’s growth is more important. Below are effective ways of collecting customer feedback.

1. Define Feedback Goals 

Defining your goals will help you implement the right technique and the right tool. Do not make the mistake of jumping into feedback collection with no clear goal. The goal of your feedback collection will determine what source you choose, be it website survey, social media monitoring, and so on.

2. Choose the Right Technique

As earlier mentioned, the goal determines the technique. Your technique can be live chat which requires constant attention or a website survey tool. Whatever technique you choose, let it based on your business needs.

3. Analyze Collected Feedback

If you want to make the most of your customer feedback then analyzing the collected feedback should be a routine.  When you continually assess your result, you will look for improvement in the technique as well as create new surveys when necessary.

4. Experiment

Try different methods, targeting settings, pre-defined messages, and targeting options, don’t be afraid to experiment. This will contribute to your company getting authentic feedback. Experimenting will enable you to improve on the achieved result and research issues pertinent to your customers.

5. Make Decisions

It is not enough to collect feedback and analyze them. Collate the result of your analyzed feedback, draw conclusions, and make the right decisions based on your conclusion for the growth of your business. Your decisions should be based on your product/service, marketing communication, website development, etc. to adjust to customers’ needs. 

Finally, your customers serve as the mirror that shows you the imperfections in your product/service. Hence, they pinpoint the aspects that need improvement while in turn, they feel involved and important. Thus, one of the important decisions you can make for the growth of your company is to listen to your customers.

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