Brand Campaign: A User-Centred Marketing Tool

Brand Campaign is an organic way to get your brand in front of your target audience. Netflix’s “Altered Carbon”, Amazon’s “Alexa Super Bowl Ad”, McDonald’s “Follow the Arches” Lego’s “Rebuild the World”, Dove’s “Real Beauty”, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke”, are all examples of memorable brand campaigns. Companies communicate the ideals that reflect who they are, while selling their products/services at the same time.

Audiences are often inundated with marketing messages, new brands, and more tools that promise efficiency. This leaves brand owners on the run to be at the top of the mind among the numerous brands. However, when a brand campaign is user-centric, that is, when you place your customers at the heart of your brand, you will be at the top of their minds and have the market in your favour.

Campaigns are fleeting initiatives that promote your company’s product/service. It is designed to elicit action from a targeted audience, with the aim to have measurable results. They take their cues from current trends and are fresh expressions of what your brand has to offer.

Therefore, brand campaigns are focused efforts to remind your target audience of “who you are” in addition to your product or service. 

The purpose of creating a brand campaign is to develop a brand. You put a positive message about your company in front of your target audience to enable them to think about you when the time comes to make a purchase.

Tips for Creating a Successful Brand Campaign

1. Map out your Audience

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It is basic for you to research and understand your customers. This will enable you to create a targeted brand campaign. To map out your audience, you should strategically develop your buyer personas. Then, figure out how they will see your campaign. Understanding your ideal customer is the first step to having a successful campaign.

2. Identify your Motive

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Whatever your goal is- to raise brand awareness, drive more installs, retain high lifetime value users, to push your audience through their buyer’s journey, you should establish that up front. This will help you to devise your specific campaign for structure, duration, channels etc., this will aid you to create a solid brand message. So, analyze what your motive is.

3. Create a Clear and Consistent Brand Message

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A brand message is an easy-to-understand message which tells a brand story. It is directed towards a targeted audience and is focused on what the customers want to hear, what the brand can provide, and what the competitors are already providing. For instance, Coca-Cola can be reckoned with happiness and good experiences. From the “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, to the 2009’s global “Open Happiness” campaign, to 2016’s global “Taste the Feeling” campaign, the message has been consistent – Coca-Cola is your partner in good experiences.

The brand message gives rise to brand positioning. So, focus on the desired positioning while crafting your brand message.

4. Track Campaign Progress 

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After your campaign has made it to the digital space, it is necessary that you measure your reach. Look at the data that shows you whether or not you did well according to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you set up. Tracking your results will help you know how effective the campaign is and help you strategize for subsequent ones.

5. Be User-Centric

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According to the American Marketing Association, user-centrism was the first quality millennials consider when giving their loyalty to a brand. If you yearn for your customer’s loyalty and desire more customers, then you need to be customer-centric. Create your campaign around your customers. (Visit our website at inbranded.co to create a user-centred campaign today)

When your brand campaign completely nails it – lands at the right time has the perfect message and reaches your target audience through all the right vehicles. You will have an organic brand growth.

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