Mistakes that Stunt your Brand Growth

It takes a whole lot of work and sacrifices to get a brand established- the creation of a name and a promising tagline, launch of products/services, marketing strategies, brand adverts, and a lot to create brand awareness. However, a single mistake can stunt some or all the processes of a brand’s growth.

In an article published on Marketing Dive in 2017, Peter Adams writes “The Kendall Jenner-starring ad, intended to promote unity, achieved almost the exact opposite of its goal, plunging the brand to its lowest consumer perception levels in a decade.” He further referred to the situation as an “anti-hilltop”. This is evident in the fact that not even the big brands are immune to making mistakes.

The most popular brand can be killed. Having an understanding of possible brand mistakes can help you avoid these mistakes or help you retrace your steps when already making them. Therefore, this article is written to help you identify Below are seven brand mistakes that can stunt your brand growth.

5 Mistakes that Stunt your Brand Growth 

1. Inconsistent Identity

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Having a consistent corporate identity is very important to the growth of any brand. A company must use and maintain a name, logo and tagline, your customer experience, and so on. Your customers should hear and see you across various channels if you want your brand imprinted in their minds. In other words, your brand should be represented similarly across all channels.

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2. Wrong Focus

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If you don’t focus on the core of your business, your brand is on its death journey. If you want a successful brand, decide what your core product/service is, and focus your marketing strategy on it. Build a unique selling proposition and communicate your core products/services. 

3. Ineffective Marketing Strategy

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One brand mistake is throwing away money into bad marketing. There must be a comprehensive marketing strategy. Your business strategy and marketing strategy should work hand-in-hand. In creating a business strategy, your team should identify how to use all the resources available within the business, the marketing team will then utilize the business strategy and create marketing messages around them that will attract the ideal customers. In other words, you must get a balance between your business and your marketing strategy, else, your brand’s growth will be stunted.

4. Not setting the right pace

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It is very important to let your brand grow naturally rather than having an accelerated growth. When you are desperate for rapid growth, there may not be enough space to work efficiently, your employees may not be able to cope with the extra works hence, reducing productivity. You might not also be able to finance the expansion cost and might result in frustration in your business. It is important to set the right growth pace.

5. Having Unprofessional Employee

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Keeping your brand afloat involves juggling many balls and this can be more efficient with professionals. Unprofessional employees can disrupt business operations and this can have a negative influence on the brand as a whole. Professional employees will help to look out for possible pitfalls and prevent the brand from making mistakes. On the other hand, employee mediocrity can lead to pitfalls for a brand.

In conclusion, having these mistakes at heart and avoiding them will keep your brand safe. The price of your product/service should not be the only thing that differentiates you from your competitors. You should be deliberate about your brand’s uniqueness.

The world is fast in analyzing a brand, you need to take the right action to build your desired reputation and then put it to the world. Avoid mistakes at all costs.

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