High-Intensity Branding: 5 Ways to get a Supercharge Audience Growth

Great brands such as Coca-cola, Kleenex, Nike, did not use a quick fix to become a household name, they built their brands on high-intensity before they could drive a massive audience. Intensity speaks to the commitment and the result of the commitment. Unlike businesses that can grow through volume such as during expansion, brands grow on intensity.  The intensity that revolves around clearly articulating or projecting your differentiation against competitors.

High-intensity in branding refers to the strategy that captures the attention, drives the engagement and connect with emotions of users for productivity. Intensity matters as consumers buy from the brands they feel strongly about.

Worthy of note is the state of the business world today- it is so connected. This makes it easy for brands to connect to their audience. Does what you do with your brand induce prospects to become customers and customers to become repeat customers?

In the words of Josh Spector, “your audience isn’t the number of people who consume a particular creation, but rather the numbers of people you can count on to consume your next creation”. The strategic steps to increase your audience will be examined in this article.

5 Ways to get a Supercharge Audience Growth

  1. Identify, Understand and Build Relationship with your Audience
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You cannot devise the right strategy to grow your audience until you have identified who your audience is. Identifying them will require that you analyze all their facets and use the information to reach them effectively. When you have a strong knowledge of their behaviours and characteristics, you can appeal to them and add value they will truly appreciate.

Having recognized your audience, the next thing is to build a relationship with them. Both existing and potential audience can increase with quality interactions. Building relationship enables you to connect to the audience and improves their perception of your brand.

2. Create Impressive Content

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One of the ways to make a lasting impression about your brand to your audience is to create memorable, valuable and impressive content. Impressive content attracts and convinces audiences to stick to your brand. 

Create content that fuel the conversation, drive the engagement and attracts the loyalty of your audience. When your content appeals to their emotions, your audience will grow.

3. Increase Engagement

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When you increase engagement, you get people to interact with you and make them more involved with your brand. Hence, one of the ways to have to supercharged audience growth is to increase engagement. Engagement can, in turn, improve customer loyalty and retention. For instance, you can create brand campaigns that place your users at the centre. When they sense their importance to your brand, they will, in turn, become loyal to your brand. (create a brand campaign on inbranded.co)

4. Activate Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

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One of the ways to have a wider range of audience is to reach them across various channels. The omnichannel marketing strategy inter-relates all channels to engage with customers and create a unified experience and ensure they are having a wonderful overall experience with the brand. This results in building a stronger relationship between consumers and the brand.

Employing omnichannel marketing strategy is an element of high-intensity branding and it places the customer at the core to ensure a completely consistent and holistic experience.

5. Activate Your Audience

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It is not enough to identify your audience and establish your brand before them, in fact, your work has just begun. Having acquired some reasonable audience base, the next step is to activate your audience. This means devising means to get your existing audience to consume and share your brand content as well as developing strategies to get them to spread the news about your product/service.

Your ability to have an activated audience is key to having a supercharged audience growth.

In conclusion, audience growth is vital to long term success of a brand and therefore, brands need to strategically grow their audience. Know that the best audiences are engaged and passionate fans— they’re the key to your ultimate success.

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